Find the Best Used Small Cars for 2020

Used Cars for sale

           There’s been an increase in people buying cars since 2020 eased its way in. Some have been scouting for new models while others turned their eyes to used cars for sale. Unfortunately, it’s tricky to purchase best used small cars because of the way they were driven or maintained by their previous owners. So we listed down the best used small cars for 2020 to help narrow down your search.

Chevrolet Volt

            Ranking high on the list is Chevrolet Volt, the mid-sized car that debuted successfully in 2011. It has a convenient electric-only range with a backup gasoline engine. The only concern most people have with this car is the limited seating capacity.

Toyota Corolla

            One of the gems that you’ll find at a buy here pay here is the Toyota Corolla. It’s practical; it doesn’t eat up a lot of fuel, is easy to maintain, and has many active safety features. But, of course, since the Corolla is a Toyota, it’s automatically associated with reliability and quality at a reasonable price.

Toyota Prius

            Toyota Prius is challenging to beat because of its competitive cargo space and interiors. It has a smooth ride, and its aerodynamic exteriors make for excellent economy ratings. The Toyota Prius has spacious seats, and its infotainment features are very user-friendly.

Mini Hatchback

            Also known as Mr. Bean’s car, the Mini Hatchback is hard to miss in the list of used cars for sale. Not only does it have a sophisticated interior, but an impressive range of engines also backs it up

            You’ll stand out with the Mini Hatchback. With a wide range of paint colors, it’s almost impossible to find two of its kind that looks like.

Ford Fiesta

            The Ford Fiesta has always been on the list of bestsellers at a buy here pay here. Ford did a swell job in creating this masterpiece, with its world-class handling qualities and engine options. But, unfortunately, car enthusiasts have gushed over the Ford Fiesta one time too many because it’s everything a small car should be.

Kia Rio

            Car enthusiasts rate Kia Rio’s engine power as satisfactory. It’s easy to drive and maneuver through tricky turns. If you’re looking for a car that you can use every day, this one will work for you. The interiors are also spacious; it can accommodate a maximum of five people. There’s also enough cargo space should you wish to use it on a road trip.

Nissan Leaf

          If you care about the environment, the Nissan Leaf might be the right car for you. It’s powered by electricity, and it has stronger acceleration compared to other gas-powered compact vehicles. Aside from these, the Nissan Leaf also offers regenerative breaks that smoothly operate, a good cornering ability, and a comfortable ride.

Used cars are just as promising as brand new cars. The only difference is that the former comes at an affordable price. Each car has its strengths and weaknesses; you need to know what your priorities are.